A little flustered in th Splat Zones (10-5, Tri-slosher)

13th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

My jumping lunge at the confidently close charger doesn't quite work, with only one slosh hitting. At least when I squid right back up I manage to get the splat, as it would have been embarrassing to miss completely. I still have to start again, though, as I don't quite evade the green ink flying overhead.

I manage to chase the Splattershot successfully too, another relief for the sake of my competence, and although my Bubbler is popped in a bit of a panic it's not such a bad time. I don't have it when I maybe need it, as an inkling drops down from the highest wall, but I use the block and my slosher well to keep safe.

I don't quite get the Splatterscope again, but again my sloshing bails me out. That's quite appropriate, in fact. A bit of teamwork pushes the green team back a distance, and we're left with holding comfortably the Splat Zones for a bit. Not for quite long enough, and maybe I should have pushed forwards instead of being comfortable.

Never mind, we can battle over the Splat Zones a bit more, and I use the elevation changes on Flounders Heights to my benefit again, taking advantage of a charged Bubbler to good effect. But I get a bit mired up after that, with ink coming at me from all angles, and I can't quite escape.

The next time we're comfortable, thanks to another combined push, I press forwards a bit. I get a small reward for doing so, but spot the super-jump ring a bit too late, and then miss the Splatterscope diving behind me. By the time I turn around, I have a laser sight on me. Never mind!

I evade some Bubblers nicely, thanks to long drops available down from the Splat Zones, and come up to wreak some inky revenge. And despite running out of ink, I recover just enough to get one last splat on the Splatterscope. Woomy!

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