Splats all around in Rainmaker (11-7, Tri-slosher)

17th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like Walleye Warehouse, and I like running around the back on Walleye Warehouse. But will it work on more experienced inklings? It doesn't look like it. I almost but not quite get a splat, and whilst I do nothing the other team takes an early lead.

My Bubbler is ready as I sneak around the side of the Kelp Splatterscope, so I am a little disappointed to have him snap a perfect shot off at me. Never mind, it happens. And I sneak around the side and get my own back.

A little concentration on the Rainmaker, and I go inking again. I don't splat the brush, but my Disruptor looks to help a squidmate, and the Splatterscope is too high for my bucket, so I look for a different route. Heading back around the side, pausing for breath shows me the extra inkable block. That'll do me for a splat!

How I get no splats when I have my Bubbler up and a couple of inklings in tentacle reach is part of the reason why I get frustrated with S-Rank battles. I'm sure I'm not doing so badly as to miss so wildly, but I suppose I'm just not spotting their inky trails.

I trade splats a few times, in ways I'm happy with, under the circumstances, and I use my Disruptor to good effect a number of times. I shouldn't have jumped over that inkable block when the Splatterscope was charged, though. That was a mistake.

We make a final push as the battle enters extra time, but despite getting some splats and inking ahead, we don't manage to gain the lead.

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