A sticky start to Rainmaker (7-3, Tri-slosher)

21st February 2017 – 7.00 pm

The inklings in my lobby have stuck around for a fair number of battles. Good for them, I say! But it does mean that the chargers have seen the routes I've taken to sneak around the back. It will do me good to shake them up a bit. Or so I think.

The Squiffer has take a different route this time too, and we meet. And I don't back off when I clearly can't win, which is silly, and I pay for it with a dunking. I should battle smarter.

At least heading back to the base so soon lets me ink over a mess a green inkling has made, no doubt hoping to get the Rainmaker over a lot of turf quickly. Not on my watch, mister. I then wonder how he made that jump. Or if he made it.

I can do better than this! I'd better start trying. Back to my old route, which lets me cover over more green ink too, and finally I get a splat. And from there, when inky pressure comes my way, I skirt right around the other side and find the Squiffer where I left him. Woomy!

I squid over the water to the podium and play some cat-and-mouse with the Squiffer, this time not being quite as gung-ho, and getting myself a handful of solid splats.

On top of the splats, the Rainmaker is behind me, and my inking the turf up the podium looks like it's helping, as he squids his way up there to dunk the Rainmaker! If only my splat-cam had been looking the right way.

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