Going for goal in Tower Control (17-7, Tri-slosher)

24th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I do like sneaking around the back, don't I? I like to think it indirectly helps the objective. I make a more direct effort this time too, on finding few green inklings around. It's a fair enough lead, and hopefully one we can improve on. I just need to avoid Seekers.

As the battle moves to a control phase, I do my best to keep the turf purple, deny access to flanking routes, and help out our charger a bit by splatting a Rapid Blaster trying to knock her off her perch. I even splat an Inkzooka in progress. Nice! I can't stay hidden under an Echolocator, though.

I try to make good use of my Disruptor, and the side corridor to help splat the inklings on the Tower, but our lead is lost by a decent push from the green team. But we regain control of the Tower and the turf, and make another push. We get a good swing in power, and Specials charging at the right time, to look good to retake the lead.

Better than simply retaking the lead, we push the Tower so close to the goal that I think we're going to get a knockout victory! But not quite. It can be difficult to go that last distance, when so close to the other team's base.

Defending again, I work my way around the back, to catch a Killer Wailing inkling, a second Killer Wailing inkling, and then the other two in the team for a decent, if extended, quad-splat. Nice again! My winning streak continues when I realise I should squid out of our base in to a Killer Wail in time.

I'm flattered that a green inkling aims a Killer Wail just at me. It probably wasn't a panic-press Special, which I often do. And although the battle enters extra time, my squidmates have everything under control to ensure us the victory.

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