Taking back the Splat Zones (13-6, Tri-slosher)

25th February 2017 – 7.00 am

How best to start a Splat Zones battle on Kelp Dome? Getting to the Splat Zones seems good, and not getting splatted seems better. It's just a pity I can only reliably do one of those.

At least I can splat a slight incautious Splatling, backing in to our side of the map, and follow that with some sloshing down on to the Splat Zones. But an Inkbrush lover ends my streak of one.

I approach from another angle and try to ink the Splat Zones a bit, but am cautious about ink from below. I avoid it and go around the back, and although we lose the Splat Zones for a bit, my circumspect manoeuvring helps get me in to a better position to help. But once more, the Inkbrush shows me how she loves her Inkbrush.

I try the same route as before, with a squidmate, but it doesn't help us get to the Splat Zones quickly. We lose the lead. I slosh until I run out of ink, and try to Disrupt the Splatling above me. But green ink is coming from more directions, followed by Suction Bombs. Evasive manoeuvres!

I stay unsplatted, charge my Bubbler, and return at eye level to get my splat, ink the Splat Zones, and help re-take them. Nice! I take a moment to discover the splat radius of Suction Bombs, and the dangers of ink from below again, before trying another different route.

This little stint goes rather well! I splat, avoid getting splat, and ink a good amount of turf. I even get a quad-splat, with the help of my Bubbler, that helps recapture the Splat Zones for us. Also Nice!

I just miss out on one last splat as the timer runs out, with us in the lead and in control of the Splat Zones, for a close and well-fought victory.

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