Trying to mount a comeback in Rainmaker (7-7, Tri-slosher)

26th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's good to be appreciated for how quickly I can squid my way along uninked turf. Thanks, Squiffer squidmate! It does mean I am at the wrong end of a blaster very soon, though. So it goes.

I try to use the shrubs to my advantage in Arowana Mall. Inklings often forget they can be used this way, and the height offers a good advantage to my Tri-slosher.

That's not to say I start this battle particularly well. I get splatted here and there, and the blue team takes a really big lead. At least I help defend successfully, and start to survive quite well.

The Rainmaker becomes available, and after missing it the first time I get it this time. I follow behind my squidmates, keen and happy to get their support. I feel much more powerful with them around me.

I'm less powerful when blue inklings around me, but it was likely to happen when I can't quite get the Rainmaker's blast through the gap. We start again, and I take the alley to ink it green again. I think I lose the Rainmaker, but it hasn't gone far.

Another carry, and this time down the middle. I would like to think the opposition wouldn't expect it, but you can hardly hide when carrying the Rainmaker. A second attempt has the way clear initially, and I think I can just about take the lead!

But, no. The blue team are there and splat me one step away from snatching victory away from them. That was exciting. Good battle, everyone!

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