Learning the Carbon Roller in Splat Zones (5-3, Carbon Roller)

3rd March 2017 – 7.00 am

It battles aren't going well, try a different weapon. Maybe not a weapon you have barely played before and is difficult to learn. But so it goes, and I give the Carbon Roller a try.

I'm not very good with it. How other inklings splat me so easily and reliably with it remains a mystery for now, but out of the bunch of battles I run with it, at least one makes me feel optimistic about getting better with the Carbon Roller.

I don't start well. At least, not with splatting. I ink a fair amount of turf, and try to get a splat, but my range is too great, my sneakiness too low, and ultimately I lose out. I clearly need more practice.

I find a temporary groove, though. Coming from behind catches one inkling entirely by surprise, as it should be, and follow that up with another good splat, albeit perhaps less surprising. Pulling out the Inkzooka and getting a third splat is just gorgeous.

I try to splat the Squiffer, but suppressing is good enough for now. And then I see a sneaky splat ahead of me. It takes two flicks in the end, but with a squidmate's help we get two splats between us. Good stuff.

I remember to not be quite so obvious with my movements, not to be where I may be expected to be, and get what could be a textbook Carbon Roller splat. Missing the next and wandering in to a Suction Bomb is a pity, but so it goes. I'm still practicing.

I have time for a 'Nice!' as our counter ticks down, and I feel like I have contributed to the knockout victory. Now to make that kind of contribution more consistent.

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