Don't fear my Inkzooka, or do, in Tower Control (12-2, Carbon Roller)

5th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

More Carbon Roller fun, this time with the vanilla version. I don't think the Seekers would work too well on Hammerhead Bridge, and maybe the Inkzooka would. Then again, I've seen Seekers used here, and my aim with the Inkzooka leaves a little to be desired. But let's see what I can do.

I try to support early on without getting myself too far ahead or embroiled in anything silly, but get splatted anyway. That's much to be expected from the initial tussle near the Tower, though.

On my return, I get a little concerned about the state of my connection to the battle, as it first takes a handful of flicks to splat an inkling, and immediately afterwards I splat a super-jumping inkling on landing, but the ink only flies a second later. I can only work with what I have, though, so I keep this in mind.

My first Inkzooka charges as we push the Tower forwards! How exciting. Splatting the inkling down the channel is pretty straightforward, and after that I miss the one off to the side, and also the inkling taking back the Tower. I don't think my Inkzooka skills are improving.

I do quite well avoiding obvious threats, even if opportunities to splat them are missed too. Staying unsplatted is a good skill all the same. Of course, it matters less if we lose the lead, but I do try to get back to help out, and I get a splat or two for the cause.

I look for the Splatterscope. That's a threat that could cause us trouble. And eventually he comes to me. Splat! It's a bit cheap, but it's what the Carbon Roller does well. And again I try to be sensible and avoid obvious danger, following up by providing good support.

And I'm on the Tower. I'm on the Tower and my Inkzooka has charged. I spot a squidding inkling as I get ready to fire down the channel, and turn and fire to get an amazing splat for me. I have enough charge left to fire down the channel for a second splat too. Not bad, even if I hit the Tower with the other shot.

From there, it's just a short distance to the goal, and the teal team are down at least a couple of inklings. A knockout victory, and a great battle for me with the Carbon Roller! Woomy!

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