Splatty mayhem in Splat Zones (11-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

6th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Back to the Deco version of the Carbon Roller. Good for Splat Zones, I would think, and on Flounder Heights. If I get going, that is. I am double-teamed early on, and spend a second wondering how the bloody hell they got up to that side of the Heights so quickly.

The pause is probably a good idea, as it turns out, as there is a lot of purple pressure in the Splat Zones, and holding back lets me get up to the top of the Heights with some support. Better than being splatted right back to the base.

I head through the centre to get some inking done, and use that as an opportunity to ink up an uncommon route to the other Splat Zone. And I use falling through the grate as an opportunity to ink the whole wall. But it is a nice route that may not get inked over, and hopefully this won't be the only time I can make use of it.

I use the inked wall after a Seeker Rush prompts a Bubbler in response. I sit and wait, and come back to splat the inkling when the Bubbler's gone, and get an excellent splat on a super-jumping inkling on top of that. And my not being quite able to squid up a wall confuses another inkling enough for me to survive.

Splatting a Dynamo Roller with a Carbon is quite satisfying. Helping to keep the Splat Zones whilst doing so is just icing on the cake. But it's swings and roundabouts, as holding back from some pressure can't continue forever, and I reveal myself to be overwhelmed by purple ink. I should have stayed hidden a bit longer.

Another splat on the Dynamo is just great, thank you. I don't even mind a Bubbler splatting me afterwards. And my wall comes in to play again! And it's be inked over twice, so others are using it too. Excellent. But trying to recover the Splat Zones has my running out of ink just as I need to flick. Oh well.

Another go at capturing the Splat Zones works better for us, and I get a couple of fun splats as inklings squid over the top of a wall in succession. I take an opportunity to ink more turf, but the action ends up behind me. The Splat Zones are retaken by the purple team and we go in to extra time.

A Seeker Rush almost helps, but a Bubbler and Inkzooka has my bailing out sensibly. I go back to our side and try to stop the battle, and in the ensuing rumble I honestly think I've been splatted, but it's just a friendly Burst Bomb.

A couple of last splats for me, one last getting splatted, and we stop their possession just long enough to end the battle in our favour. Woomy!

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