I kinda know what I'm doing in Tower Control (8-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

8th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Right, the Carbon Roller Deco, with its Seekers, on Hammerhead Bridge. I think I like the Deco more, so I want to make this work. I'm recognising the importance of having plenty of turf inked for the Carbon Roller, and start the battle inking. I'll work on how to aim Seekers next.

The initial tussle for the Tower is over, and I make a move towards it. The pressure gets a bit hot, and I see some inklings, so dive bomb them, getting a couple of splats as I end up behind a Splash Wall. That's a good start!

Back on to the Tower! We make a nice combined push, sharing supporting the Tower with riding it. If only I'd made use of my Seeker Rush instead of relying on the flick of the Carbon Roller, I might have lasted longer. I remember it the next time, splatting a squidding inkling nicely, but fail to get out of the way of a Splat Bomb soon after.

I like how I help recover the Tower, and keep it for a bit, without getting splatted myself. That shows personal growth. I'm not sure how I miss that standing inkling, though. And although I do well not to get splatted under pressure on the Tower, I don't realise until too late that not even my ink-resistant boots will let me jump out of purple ink.

That's a nice jump-squidding on to the Tower, even if I do say so myself. Not so nice wandering in to two inklings by myself at too long a range, though. I make up for it a bit by coming up and over to get the Splatterscope, then embarrass myself again by pushing my luck going for another splat.

Still, it's been a good battle for me, and I make a great jump to land on the Tower to end the extra time period and bag us the win. Woomy!

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