Turf control also wins in Tower Control (10-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a great start to this Tower Control battle for me! I make some good early progress towards the Tower, splat a Splat Roller, and then sneak around the back to splat him again. I get another splat after that, and am only defeated by a Kraken, which I force the E-litre 3K in to.

But we don't have the lead, which is why my start isn't too great for my team. The yellow team look to be doing okay even with my disruption. I'll try to keep it up, but also try to support the Tower a bit more. First, I have to work out how to get up a wall.

Retaking the Tower with a surprise splat is what Carbon Rollers do, I suppose. I do it too. And getting a Seeker splat on the E-litre 3K is satisfying, but I think we can call it quits when she splats me at point-blank range which I can't quite squid on to the Tower in one go.

Still, we take the lead from the yellow team just before that, which is positive. My contributions seem to peter out for a little while, though, and the yellow team, combined with excellent turf control, take back their lead and increase it considerably. We have our work cut out to get a victory.

I help out the best I can, but with so much turf yellow it seems the best I can do is get mostly mutual splats. Not so bad, but not really a great help. But I set myself a personal goal of splatting that pesky E-litre, and in the dying seconds of the battle I dive-bomb her very effectively.

That last splat will do me. We have the Tower as the battle heads in to extra time, but our whole team is splatted shortly afterwards. Never mind, it was fun!

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