So good and so bad in Tower Control (2-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th March 2017 – 7.00 am

So much water in Mahi-Mahi Resort. I've come to embrace it, somewhat literally too. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I am getting the hang of the Carbon Roller a little. I impress myself with how I can flick, squid, and jump across gaps pretty smoothly. That gets me to the Tower nicely.

Pressure makes me hop off the Tower again, and I get embroiled in a little spat I don't think I can win. Thankfully, our charger has my back, and throw a 'Nice! his way to show my appreciation.

Back on the Tower, and back off the Tower pretty quickly, as purple inky pressure comes my way. I land heavily on an inkling I didn't spot, but I think they won't mind so much as I show them what a player I am on their splat-cam.

I squid may way across the map again, this time pausing to ensure I make that easy jump, and end up supporting the Tower. My squidmates are on top of matters! A Seeker Rush maybe helps a little, at least in applying an indirect threat, if not helping me stay unsplatted.

Being splatted ain't always so bad. I super-jump my way on to the Tower just as a squidmate is splatted off it, and with perfect timing to make that last little push for a knockout victory. Woomy!

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