Buckets of splats in the Splat Zones (13-7, Tri-slosher)

11th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Because I've dropped to A Rank, because the other map for Splat Zones is Bluefin Depot, and because I like the bucket so much, I'm swapping to the Tri-slosher for a bit. The bucket works everywhere for everything.

I'm learning not to rush straight in to the Splat Zones, particularly not when they are in the lowest part of the map. I also remember my Disruptor and realise I can throw it quite far with the right gear. So I make use of that to get a decent start.

We lose early control of the Splat Zones whilst we manoeuvre around each other, but once the first splats are out of the way we take control and go in to the lead. I take the opportunity to go up the other side of the map, get a splat, and see where a green ink trail takes me.

I always think it's just as important to ink over walls as much as the turf. The other team need to be as inconvenienced as possible. And splatted. Those little walls in the middle of Bluefin Depot are just right to hide behind, unless someone has a bucket. I have a bucket.

One of the green inklings is persistent in wanting to sneak around the back of us. No problem, I'll do the same. I don't find anyone, but I slosh ink down for a splat and follow up to help recapture the Zones, as Specials fly all around. Good work, everyone!

The inklings return! My Bubblers ready, but it only lets me survive an encounter with another Bubbler. I try to back out of it, but go backwards a bit too much. No problem, as the pause lets me ink over our approach to the Splat Zones again, as the inkling has made another pass. Their hiding strategy isn't great either, not from a Tri-slosher.

That Disruptor comes at the wrong time to jump the gap, so I back off. My Bubbler comes at the right time, though, letting me survive, get a splat, and then jump the gap. We re-take the Splat Zones, and I make a decent trade when squidding up a wall.

One more trade protects our Splatling, and even though we don't quite get the knockout, our lead is really strong. I bag another couple of splats near the end, sending me back to the base for just enough time to have a little victory dance. This was fun!

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