A helping of blue in Splat Zones (5-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

12th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Back to the Carbon Roller Deco to finish tonight's session. It's not easy to use, but I think that just means I should get more practice with it. Although I really shouldn't treat it like a bucket, I can't help but take similar routes as with a Tri-slosher.

I don't find anyone to start with, but I just keep going, and keep going. I make almost an entire circuit of the map before heading to the Splat Zones, where I suspect I'll find someone. Yep, in a patch of their ink. Nice!

I sensibly run away from the Rapid Blaster, and hope my Ninja Squid will let me get close to him from a blind side. It does, but a squidmate provokes a Bubbler from the blaster. At least he also acts as a squid shield, but I am still in a sticky situation. How I get out of it, I don't know.

The Squiffer makes shorter work of me than the Rapid Blaster. I blame myself for wanting to get the most out of the Seeker Rush. I would have done better to get out of there and remain unsplatted, but we all get tempted sometimes.

I head around the back to try to surprise an inkling or two, but no one's there. Moving on lets me ink the Splat Zones, which is more important, and I show amazing restraint in not walking right in to a Killer Wail.

We get the Splat Zones and start eating in to the green team's lead, and my Seeker Rush pays off this time. My little tussle with the Squiffer is best ignored. I try to be cute and tease which way I am coming, but in the end it means nothing to a Kraken.

A Seeker out of our base isn't well aimed, but I get the ink back easily. The next one is perfect. The inkling has a Bubbler up at the time, but not once the Seeker makes its way to them. I follow up with my Carbon Roller to get a double splat, and sensibly stop again for another Killer Wail before re-inking the Splat Zones.

It's almost good that our counter is stopped at 3, as the Rapid Blaster is right in front of me, and a squidmate of his is super-jumping in behind. I splat the blaster, a squidmate takes care of the second inkling. And with that, the Splat Zones are ours again. Knockout woomy!

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