Seekers in Rainmaker (11-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I take so much care to line up my first Seeker, between the containers of Port Mackerel, that I don't notice one already being launched beside me. Never mind, it all helps. I take a bit of time to ink around, which seems sensible, and press forwards when it feels right.

It feels right to grab the Rainmaker after a decent Seeker rush bursts the shield and splats two green inklings. I don't get far, though. Super-jumping back is a bad idea, but only once I've started. I see the green explosion of the Rainmaker's shield as I prepare to jump, and know I'm heading towards a splatting. So it goes.

Avoiding an Inkzooka is a good idea, even with the Rainmaker coming my way. I move up when it looks clear, and even sneak past the Rainmaker for a decent surprise splat. I am concerned that the Rainmaker's Shield will splat me, even though we're of the same ink, but I seem okay afterwards. It takes me a second to check.

I make use of a squidmate's Seeker Rush, hoping that my own poor Seeker throw is lost in the noise, and press up. Hearing the Squiffer approach, I wait to ambush her. And it's a good ambush! On both sides, sadly. And in another the waiting game, I think I get the Carbon Roller with a Seeker. Apparently not, it was someone else.

The green team is really cautious about progressing. It seems to serve them well. I wait for an opportunity, but they cover themselves so well it doesn't come. Never mind, I can squid right back around and do what I meant to do in the first place.

There's an awful mess I get involved in. I'm not sure how I get out of it, but I have my Carbon Roller squidmate to thank for taking the pressure off. And that lets me have a crack at the Rainmaker. Sending a Seeker ahead of me first seems like a good idea, and it works really well! Shame about the other inkling not too far behind.

I can't help but give myself a 'Nice!' as I splat a fresh Rainmaker with a Seeker right down the corridor. Even better, as the shield explodes again, a new Seeker of mine sneaks underneath it for another splat. This seems like a good place to launch Seekers, so I keep going!

Two more Seeker splats for me! That makes four right at the end of the battle, nicely inflating my figures. And even though I don't stop the Rainmaker, and actually blunder in to its blast as the battle ends, I've had a fun game.

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