Slightly rusty Splatterscoping in Rainmaker (9-7, Splatterscope)

15th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've been battling with the Carbon Roller Deco quite a lot, and am enjoying it. But with a short session, I think I'll go back to a previous favourite, the Splatterscope. Good choice, with an E-litre 3K on the other team! I'm sure I'll be fine.

My first duel with the E-litre 3K is thwarted by a squidmate, which I'm secretly pleased with, and I get distracted by the Rainmaker instead. I get quite a good distance too, and I think I can go all the way! Of course, the E-litre 3K stops me, and with a nice jump shot too. He's probably much better than me at this.

I get to back to the battle a bit late to be of support, and just get splatted easily. But I make my return, and get a couple of decent splats, the second an uncontested shot at the E-litre 3K. I've probably shaken him to his squiddy core.

I spy the E-litre 3K again. My first shot is just low, my second is too early, but my third is on target. He splats me too, but trading shots with the longer-range charger is fine by me. But I try to keep my eye on the objective, and rather than continue to trade shots I turn back to provide support to my squidmates.

I still can't hold my position on a vertical surface. I should practice more, I suppose. It would help with ink recovery on places like Hammerhead Bridge. Then again, if I keep getting splatted by the E-litre 3K, I don't need to recover ink. At least we trade again, and at quite a distance for me too. Nice one.

The E-litre 3K shows me his range, though. I wasn't careful enough. Nor accurate enough when trying to splat the helmet dude. I get him on the way back, though, with the Rainmaker. That's probably more important.

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