Back to S Rank with a messy Splat Zones (8-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Seekers help me, and hopefully my squidmates, get away from our base quickly. They're great at the start of a battle, because even though they use a lot of ink, you can squid along and regain it all back again. When I get to the Splat Zones I back off a bit, though, because the Carbon Roller really needs ink everywhere to be useful.

Avoiding the Killer Wail was decent, and trying to recover the Splat Zones was a good idea, but the purple team are simply in control at this early stage, and we get pushed back.

Coming back with a Seeker rush over the ledge is not a bad move. That is often a handy route to return to the Splat Zones, but vulnerable, because there is no way back and the other team often see your ink coming to alert them. But with Seekers rushing their way, it gives me relatively safe movement.

I'm not entirely safe with my movement after that, but I somehow get away with it. It puts me in a pretty good position too, albeit one I don't quite exploit well enough. But my squidmates move up behind me, and we start to earn some points.

Another Seeker Rush lets me get behind the lines using Ninja Squid, and inking beyond the Splat Zones should slow the purple team down a bit. But the Splat Zones need attention too. The Dual Squelcher should have been an easier splat, but she saw me and squidded faster than I can react. I still splat her, though.

I worry the birds briefly, before taking the long way to get the Splatling, and finding myself stuck in a corner. When my Seekers can't hit an inkling planting a Killer Wail, I'm reminded of my skills with a Splatterscope. It's okay, Seekers, we all have bad days.

Our Gal inkling has set up a Splash Wall and cleared some turf just beyond the Splat Zone, which gives me the opportunity to roll around a bit and ink over the opposition turf. And, happily enough, bag myself a fantastic triple splat! That should help us nicely.

Yep! We take the lead as I let another Seeker Rush fly. I hold back as a Killer Wail clears a path for the purple team, but unfortunately a Sprinkler hinders me from splatting a couple of inklings that go past. Or, rather, us winning by knockout stops me, as we run out of time. I think that's okay.

Woomy! Back to S Rank with me.

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