The stars aren't aligned for me in Splat Zones (4-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

My first battle back in S Rank. I'm sticking with the Carbon Roller Deco, as I am enjoying it and think I can now be useful with it in most places. It should be good in Camp Triggerfish, with the long corridors to roll along or throw Seekers down, but also fairly vulnerable to longer range weapons.

The usefulness of Seekers comes to play after my first splatting. I head down the side route and find myself and another inkling struggling against a Splatling and a Splatterscope. Those are tough opponents along a straight corridor. But a Seeker here, a Seeker there, and a bit of bad timing by the blue inklings, and two splats are mine, as well as the Splat Zone. Nice!

I push the advantage and use Ninja Squid to fool the Splatterscope, splatting her before she can return far. But heading back to retake the Splat Zone has my Carbon Roller bumping in to something. This is one of the few moments I'd rather have a Splat Roller.

I don't see a trail to give a hint where the squid went, so just flick around a bit, until they pop up and splat me from a distance. No Ninja Squid in their gear, so I feel a bit hard done by, but never mind.

I go the back route and make a bit of a mess of things. I launch a Seeker directly in to a pole, and although it looks like I get the splat on the Splatling with some nifty squidding, she turns in to a Kraken just in time. Oh well.

Another go down that route, this time with squidmates, and I get my Seeker Rush going. That splats the Splatling, and I manage to avoid a Splat Bomb in time to keep things going. Not for long, as the Splatterscope splats me as I dive behind a pillar. That feels harsh.

And that's it. I am getting used to being out-played and somewhat overwhelmed in S-Rank battles, so don't get quite as salty about it any more. Still a little salty, but I'm happy enough to keep playing until I'm back in A+.

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