Doing my best in S-Rank Splat Zones (7-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th March 2017 – 7.00 am

A Seeker down the centre should help my squidmates heading that way, but I think my Carbon Roller Deco will do more good along the side route, where Seekers can pose a threat to the opposition directly.

I am suitably cautious, not rushing in to anything and holding back from apparent threats, before moving up when the time is right. I jump on to a block to launch a Seeker, so that it gets a clear run, and squid up behind it. Ninja Squid works again, as the Splatterscope doesn't know I'm approaching. A good splat from the side.

I follow up with some flicking, as another purple inkling turns up, and almost outstay my welcome next to a Suction Bomb. But I get the splat and make my getaway, rolling over the Splat Zone to help keep it ours. I missed the Blaster on the grating to the side as I moved forwards, and thankfully they missed me as I roller away.

I turn back when it's safe and see what a Seeker Rush can do to the Blaster. Well, it's not that safe, given that the Blaster doesn't need line-of-sight to throw ink everywhere, but enough Seekers do the job, and an Inkstrike lets me move further up too.

No one's up there. Okay, back to the Splat Zones, and a Killer Wail on the fence lets me know where the inklings are. We hold the Splat Zones a little longer, but I get overconfident having been unsplatted for so long, and make the mistake of moving forwards really obviously instead of retreating for a moment.

Ink is everywhere now. That's dangerous in general, very dangerous for my Carbon Roller. I move up quite far, considering, and although I spy the Splatterscope threat, I only realise what she's doing, hiding her laser sight, when it's too late.

I think we're held back now. But the purple team recovered, maybe we can too. And we do reclaim a lot of turf. But, again, I get a bit too confident, and blasted for it. Still, overconfidence sometimes works, like ducking in to a Killer Wail to launch a Seeker. Sure, the Seeker doesn't find anyone, but I do.

Phew, purple ink everywhere! Everywhere except the Splat Zones, apparently, which is a bit weird but fine by me. That lets me roll around turning everything teal again without much pressure. When I rejoin the action, I am sensible again, waiting for a Blasters Bubbler to wear off before squidding up for the surprise splat. Nice!

The Splat Zones are ours, the turf is ours, and the counter is approaching zero. We press up to make the point, and as I punctuate the knockout victory with a final splat. Woomy!

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