Getting a good headstart in Moray Towers Rainmaker (11-8, Tri-slosher)

22nd March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Whee! The start of a Moray Towers battle is always invigorating. This time it's made more so by the splatting of a Dual Squelcher that unexpectedly gets in my way of sneaking around the side, followed by the E-litre 3K I was actually aiming for.

A third splat is pretty sweet, again coming from an unexpected angle, and it's only a Kraken that stops me getting a start quad splat. So it goes, and I can't complain! Particularly not when I avoid the attention of the returning Dual Squelcher and E-litre 3K.

My Bubbler is ready it at the right time, and I remember to use it. I aim for the E-litre 3K again, but turn to support the Rainmaker behind me. Maybe splatting the E-litre 3K would have been good support this time around, but no time to think about that now.

A quick extra push of the Rainmaker gets me splatted, as it does on my return. But we have a great lead to start with! Never content without a dunking, I ink the path up to the Rainmaker, hoping to clear some blue inklings out of the way.

There's no one in the way, but going this far entices me to go further, where I find the E-litre 3K and Dual Squelcher applying pressure from above. Not any more. Nice! I don't even push my luck, and get another splat on the E-litre 3K because of it. But now I must go back, as the Rainmaker is heading in the wrong direction.

Some more good splats prevent the blue team from making any progress, but the Rainmaker gets in their possession eventually, and we are now defending. We shouldn't get blasé about the circumstances either, but it's easy to lose focus. I fail to make a jump whilst going in the opposite direction to the Rainmaker. How embarrassing.

I may not get many splats in the last stage of the battle, but my squidmates hold our turf and the Rainmaker effectively, and we run the clock down not too cheesily for the victory. Woomy!

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