The Rainmaker is somewhere (11-8, Tri-slosher)

22nd March 2017 – 7.00 am

I really like the Carbon Roller Deco, but I don't want to forget other weapons. It's back to the Tri-slosher for a bit of Rainmaker. I can be much more aggressive with the bucket, whether or not it works, as I demonstrate. Just rush ahead, inking everything, and splats will come.

Okay, Tri-sloshers are more nuanced than that, it's just the way I like to play with it most of the time. Like taking a Dynamo Roller head-on, as I try to ink the podium, regardless of where the Rainmaker is. Let's aim high!

Actually, I should probably keep to the higher turf with a bucket, and almost do that a bit. Rather than dropping down to engage the purple inklings directly, I attempt to stay a little out of harm's way and slosh ink down. I get splatted eventually, but at least the little wall prevented the Rainmaker's shield from being the culprit.

The Echolocator doesn't bother me quite so much wielding the Tri-slosher as it does a Carbon Roller, but I stay out of the way anyway. I also try to stay away from the Splattershot Jr when he counters my Bubbler with its own, but he knows he has the upper hand, and pursues me. So it goes.

Our early lead disappears with a good purple push, so I keep doing what I'm doing and skirmish, ignoring the Rainmaker but hoping to make a difference with pressure and suppression. It's not going to work if the E-litre 3K can fluke splats like that. But it's okay. I get a couple of splats from above soon after to make up for it.

I think I do well in not chasing the Dynamo Roller when my Bubbler will expire, hiding in ink instead of sloshing at echoes, and finally splatting the Splattershot Jr after a couple of attempts, the first aborted when taking ink damage. And I suppose I did do well, it's just that so did the Splattershot Jr, with its emergency Splat Bomb.

The E-litre 3K eludes me from one angle, as I push ahead, and as the additional inkable blocks aren't the same in each battle mode, I have to find a different approach. No problem! I get my splat in the end, and return to support the team, making as we make to look one last, good push for the victory.

Maybe the mistake was trying to be the hero. I'd pretty much ignored the Rainmaker all battle, but picked it up as we enter extra time. Or maybe I'm just too keen to push forwards. The other extra time victories I've been a part of have seen my squidmates make measured pushes with support, not solo dashes.

Never mind, hopefully I'll learn from this.

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