Wet splats in Tower Control (9-8, Tri-slosher)

23rd March 2017 – 7.00 am

Sticking with the Tri-slosher for now, for some skirmishing action around Mahi-Mahi Resort. That's the plan, at least, which kinda requires not getting splat by an N-Zap from below before I get anywhere. I'm sure I can do better.

Splatted by a Kraken is arguably better, as it is harder to avoid, but it's still not a great start. That's a nice Echolocator for my return and trip around the back, letting me slosh reliably from below for the splat. And I remember both my Disruptor and Bubbler to put them to good use in quick succession.

I fear my inky substance will be disrupted by that Rapid Blaster again, as I try to support the Tower from behind opposition lines, but I get a Tri-sloshing splat from behind a wall, which feels pretty good. ...for less than a second, but still.

I go behind the lines from the other, perhaps less-well-known route, and nearly get inked from behind, but avoid that and dodge a Kraken, but get no splats. Moving back to be more direct support finds presumably a different Kraken, one that appears too quickly for me to realise my Bubbler is ready.

Some nice teamwork pushes the Tower forwards, whilst we hunt down one inkling, and I get my Bubbler up to help us survive and splat a second. And although I slosh the Rapid Blaster from below, whilst the splat-cam is on me I attempt a poorly judged jump and, naturally, hilariously fail to make it. I hope that made the Rapid Blaster chuckle.

Still the Tower goes in the right direction. I think about supporting it from around the side, but it seems more direct support is required, which I am happy to provide. It seems I also then provide a good distraction, but maybe not quite enough of one.

Extra time, and the purple team make one last valiant effort to take the lead! We clear the Tower and it looks like victory is ours, but I mess up the jump to the Tower. At least I don't squid through the grate below me! But a purple Kraken hops on, making the Tower a bit hot.

A nice barrage of ink pushes the Kraken off the Tower, and I seize the chance to jump on. The inkling gets back on, contesting the Tower still, but a bit of a slosh and, with my feet on the Tower, the battle ends. Woomy!

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