All around the tower in Tower Control (7-3, Tri-slosher)

24th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Hello E-litre 3K on the other team! What can I do about you? Not much, if I get Disrupted in front of a Dynamo Roller. And not much if I don't know where you are, either.

And still not much if I don't splat the Dynamo Roller in time, refusing to use my Bubbler because I don't think I need it. Meanwhile, things are happening with the Tower. Positive things for my team, thankfully, or I'd look even more silly.

Oh, hello. the E-litre almost drops in to my lap as I arse around not being able to squid up a wall just a little taller than me. She doesn't see me either, which is good, and I slosh ink over her to leave just some spotted boots, not even the freshly planted Beakon remaining.

The Dynamo sees me coming, though. But I have learnt from before, and this time I pop the Bubbler, finally surviving and getting the splat on the Roller. There's lots of purple ink to cover, and a Tower to reclaim, and we work as a team to do that, just in time for me to dodge a threat coming from behind.

My squidmates make a great push on the Tower as I squid my way around the edges, hoping to find the E-litre 3K. I think I do, but perhaps not contributing much to the objective, only getting in to position a bit too late. But at least I get a splat, survive, and lay down some fresh yellow ink on my way out of there.

When Tri-slosher and Tri-slosher battle, the Tri-slosher wins. But maybe only one of those sloshers would be started by their own inkling super-jumping in. Fresh with success, I go looking for the E-litre 3K again, but find only a sprinkler. At least the Tower remains neutral during this pointless sortie.

Back I go to the top of the Heights, and I run in to the other Tri-slosher again. I have my Bubbler ready, he doesn't, so I survive to accidentally find the E-litre 3K and get a second splat, as the Tower once again heads forwards. That'll do.

Once again with the long way around. Why do I do this? To get splatted by a Dynamo Roller in this case. I busy myself on my return with inking turf back to our colour, which is always helpful, before directing my full attention to the Tower, as we enter extra time.

I think I was actually helpful in those last few seconds. That's something!

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