Pushing for the knockout in Tower Control (7-6, Tri-slosher)

25th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm a little less keen to rush to the centre of Mahi-Mahi Resort and my inevitable doom in this battle. It almost pays off, as it looks like I miss the initial tussle over the Tower, except the Tower isn't touched, and I am still splatted shortly after I hit the ground. Oh well. At least I didn't squid through the grate. Just about.

How long can I have a Bubbler charged without realising? Quite long, but not terribly so, because I'll obviously get splatted instead of being invincible for a bit. At least our defence is pretty good.

Our attack is pretty good too, it seems. I avoid doubling up as one squidmate heads around the back of the green team, and instead end up riding the Tower. I get one Blaster off my case, and a squidmate the other, and we move in to the lead.

The Blasters come back, but this time I remember my Bubbler. My Bubbler saves me to start with, then my squidmates do a bang-up job of saving me for longer, splatting the green inklings. Still the Tower trundles on.

It's looking good for the knockout victory, and I even have the sense to hop off to deal with a threatening Carbon Roller, but let's ignore that I get squished by it, shall we? I head back and wait to splat the green team off the Tower, but it's done before the Tower reaches me. Onwards!

The Tower pauses, and all looks quiet. I hop on to get it moving again, just as Splat Bombs appear from nowhere. I don't have the reactions to jump off, so just take the ink to the body. It's okay, though, as my squidmates continue where I left off, and get within one point of the knockout. Nice!

The green team make their own push, and get the Tower back past half-way before we recover the situation. I have a little play around the middle before heading around the lesser-used back route, where I make a bit of a pest of myself around the green base.

I don't want to be an arse, so turn around to support the Tower more directly, which results in a little flurry of action and ink exchange, before a standing squidmate gets on the Tower for the last few steps. Knockout victory woomy!

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