Sloshing and dodging in Tower Control (12-8, Tri-slosher)

25th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Okay, that jump is further than it looks. And that inkling is further away than my Tri-slosher can reach. And the E-litre 3K moves out of my range too soon. Still, I'm unsplatted, and make the sensible move not to chase the E-litre 3K when she knows I'm coming.

That lets me keep going a bit longer and get my first splat. I think about going around the grated back route, but maybe not whilst I'm still on splat-cam. So it's up and over, and see if the E-litre 3K is vulnerable. Yep! A squidmate splats her. Nice! I can run in to a Gal instead.

I try for the back route again, hoping to go unnoticed, but clearly I was noticed. I am splatted with some decent efficiency with Burst Bombs. It nearly happens again, but a squidmate saves me with a Splash Wall. Thank you! A bit of squidding and the E-litre 3K becomes visible, ready to be sloshed.

On to the Tower, and I think I have the yellow inklings caught from behind. Only one is caught, though, the other releasing the Kraken to thwart attempts to get him off the Tower. That's what he thinks, though, and Kraken fights Bubbler, ultimately losing out.

We push the Tower back the other way, but the E-litre 3K is going to be trouble. I think I do quite well at avoiding her attention, and the Jet Squelcher's, for as long as I do, helped by a skirmishing squidmate, but losing the Tower was inevitable.

I decide to do take in the scene for a bit before acting. I would like to say I hide in our ink whilst I do this, but it seems I have trouble doing that. It's not as easy as it looks, to be honest. Moving under cover of Killer Wail seems like a good option. I get up and behind the E-litre 3K nicely enough, and back towards the Tower to get a second splat.

Going along the grated route works too, sneaking behind the yellow team for a few splats, managing to avoid a Burst Bomb, some Jet Squelcher ink, and half a Kraken before succumbing to the pressure. But it all works as a distraction, taking pressure of the Tower, as my squidmates ride in to the lead. Nice!

The knockout victory looks on too! We push forwards and get some splats, and even though our squidmates are cleared from the Tower it looks clear for me to squid back and keep it moving. Nope! A bit of yellow ink hits just as I jump, slowing me down. So it goes. We still have turned the battle around in the last thirty seconds.

I end up getting myself between an E-litre 3K and some water, which is note a great place to be. I finally suck it up and get splatted, which lets me super-jump back in to the extra time action for one last burst of ink. Woomy!

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