Finishing the job in Rainmaker (3-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm not having much luck in Rainmaker tonight. I'm sticking with the Carbon Roller, because both Kelp Dome and Port Mackerel should allow for good rolling and seeking.

I try to put my Seekers to use in Kelp Dome, which includes basic inking of turf throughout. But Seekers alone don't ink enough turf for good Carbon Roller use, as I find out when the Splat Roller manages to keep me at range.

It wouldn't be a Splatoon battle if there wasn't a surprise Inkzooka strike. And again, I charge in where we don't have control of the turf. No surprise there that I'm splatted. It's difficult to hang back sometimes, though.

A squidmate takes the lead, which admittedly was not a huge lead to beat in the first place, but he keeps on going. I try to supply some support, but I'm not quite sure where I should be supplying it, so get up high and send a Seeker searching.

Ah, there's the Rainmaker, squidding behind and underneath me. I go forwards and circle behind a blaster, splatting him nicely as the Rainmaker squids past at some speed. He stays safe, but only up to the podium.

No problem! My Seeker Rush is charged, and this is the perfect moment for it. Seekers rush from me, exploding in to the Rainmaker's shield until it bursts, and a couple more for luck to keep the ink flowing.

A quick squid forward, and crossing my fingers that the Suction Bomb won't explode in time, and I'm dunking the Rainmaker! That deserves a woomy!

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