For Great Zapfish's sake, don't retreat with the Rainmaker! (5-8, Splatterscope)

27th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm on quite a losing streak at the moment. I can't make the Carbon Roller Deco work, as we can't hold turf, and I can't do anything outside of inked turf. So I swap weapons, hoping to provoke some changes in my battles.

The Splatterscope is perhaps not the best choice, as it requires at least as much skill as the Carbon Roller, but it should work well on Port Mackerel and, to a lesser extent, Kelp Dome, whilst keeping me out of the action. That's the idea, at least.

I don't do much better, though. I cover some turf initially, before braking a bit too hard when dodging a Killer Wail and hitting reverse. Oops. That lets me get a decent splat on the Rainmaker when I get back to the action, but that's only because the teal team have made a big push already.

From where we are, the teal team hold all the turf, almost right up to our base, and despite our best efforts we can barely push back. I use my Splatterscope to ink what I can, and my Splat Bomb Rush to augment the charger, but to no avail.

Working my way around the side on the ledge is a good idea, but my aim is just that little bit off, and the ink not quite covering enough for me to evade a Splat Bomb thrown my way. I can't even splat an inkling almost on top of me with a Splat Bomb Rush. Things just feel a bit off.

As I am almost ready to give up, I spy an opening and squid for it, using my Ink Resistance to make the most of the few orange patches available. Finally, we have a score. Now the teal team makes a mistake.

I don't notice it during the battle, but one of their inklings takes the Rainmaker backwards, no doubt to deny us access to it. But it really is never a good idea to do that. Their inkling is splatted near their base, my squidmates are there to burst the Rainmaker out of its shield, and it's a short but hugely significant hop to take the lead.

It may have been a mistake by the opposition, but it was seized on by my squidmates! A lost cause has been turned around, just a minute left in the battle, and it spurs us on. I get four of my five splats in the last thirty seconds of the battle, two in the last five seconds, and it all feels like a victory.

All we have to do is grab the Rainmaker as the clock ticks to zero, and as we all know the significance of what we achieved we use the last couple of seconds to celebrate. Woomy!

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