Seeking the knockout in Splat Zones (8-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, what a losing streak! From mid-S Rank down to half-way A+. But that's okay, really. I thought I was doing well by staying in S Rank this time, but it doesn't really matter that I've dropped down again. I can still have some fun.

Maybe I am back in A+ because I still rush headlong in to opponent ink, particularly at the start when every opponent is going to be there. I keep my spirits buoyed by being amused that the Roller didn't splat me back, but the Tri-slosher above. I should watch out for him.

Or maybe it's because of my lack of coordination, as I can't ink below me or throw a Seeker and just give up on both for a second. Still, at least I'm not the only one in this Rank, as the other Roller and I look to be about the same skill.

My squidmates are on it, though. They grab a point lead whilst I am lagging behind, but also taking care of a potential ambusher. Nice! I look for other ambushers. There's not one behind that block. Good. There is one with a Suction Bomb Rush, who I splat, and am almost saved from a Suction Bomb by the water level rising. I don't quite get away from the Kraken, however.

With the water level changed, I can go around the back, getting a Seeker splat as I go. But that puts me on their splat-cam, which makes my manoeuvre less of a surprise. So it goes! Sure enough, I have to squid away, but at least I get away.

I go back, and look for opportunity. But miss it completely! Sure, I get the splat on the Tri-slosher splatting a squidmate, but our score is down to 6 and I have a Seeker Rush available. Why am I not inking the Splat Zones, with hoards of Seekers?!

Thankfully, I realise at an opportune moment. I jump down, activating the Seeker Rush, and both ink over the Splat Zones and get a splat, just enough to help us to the knockout victory. I played my part, woomy!

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