Splats for nothing in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Exquisite squidding again at the start of this battle. Turf needs to be inked, apparently. I'll work it out eventually. I may work out what's going on around the Tower too, but not that soon, because it gets a bit hectic. Bombs everwhere! Squids here, inklings there! I can't believe I survive so long, or that I am finally splatted when I get on a safe-looking Tower.

Going around the long way probably works better for the Tri-slosher, but it remains a viable route for surprising inklings that are looking the other way. To be fair, my squidmates do most of the heavy lifting, but I take one inkling off their tentacles, and prevent a super-jumper from being a pain in the behind.

As we control the Tower, I go the long way around the back, fully expecting to be stopped or at least spotted, but neither happens. It looks like I have a clear shot at an inkling or two on top of a pillar as well. But the lack of ink for a clean jump and the Rapid Blaster being nicely aware of her surroundings, it goes a bit pear shaped for me. Quite how the Carbon Roller splatted me, though, I don't know.

A second push from us, where I am a bit ineffectual, but we get another go, where slightly redeem myself, starting with a decent Seeker/Roller splat. But from there it's all downhill, at least in terms of Tower Control. I get splats here and there, admittedly not quite knowing what I'm doing half the time, but the Tower is being inexorably pushed towards our goal.

It is super-satisfying to watch a Seeker seek its target from behind, I have to say. It would be more satisfying getting a splat if I didn't turn around to see the Tower reach its goal, though. Still, you can't win them all.

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