3 vs 4 splatting in Tower Control (19-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oop, the screen judders as we are shown Kelp Dome. That's not a good sign. Who has lost an inkling? We have. Oh well, we can just do what we can, even though odds are we're about to get stomped. At least we all squid away with purpose.

I start a little speculatively, knowing we're outnumbered, and it almost works in my favour. The Carbon Roller needs inked turf to work in, and I am inking that turf. It's just a little unlucky that my delayed advance happens as a Gal starts to cover over my ink. So it goes.

My squidmates are on the Tower! They even take a slight lead. But it doesn't last. That's okay! We're not expecting to win, just compete. I go searching for the Splatterscope, but he's elsewhere now, and I am running from purple ink.

The Seeker doesn't seek far, but that's okay too, because rolling ahead doesn't give me away to the hiding inkling, and I get a fun splat. It looks like battle over, really, but we keep going, and we keep pushing the purple team back, only by small amounts, but enough.

A Seeker splat over the ridge is nice, followed by splatting the blaster, and moving up to splat whoever was on the Tower. I am discouraged from riding the Tower by the Splatterscope, but that lets me target a super-jumper, before then squidding down the charger. This is going rather well.

My Seekers are working quite well. So well that they nearly distract me from a purple Seeker coming my way! Well dodged. I give riding the Tower a chance, but not for long at all, as a purple threat heads my way. And I seem to be in to a groove, as I am dodging here and there, hiding in our ink, and trying to spot the squidding purple inklings. Sure, I don't always survive, but I'm using the Carbon Roller quite well.

Another purple push, and I go over the block to short-cut behind the Tower. That works well too, getting me a triple-splat, not quite finding the Splatterscope for the full quad. There's some good purple dodging after that, and I find myself mired in purple ink.

But I come back, and get myself the quad I missed the last time! That's some fine splatting. My final Seeker Rush goes poorly, as I throw most of them in to a fence, but I drop down to get a couple more splats, one mutual, and end up celebrating our tenacity standing on our base.

I'm quite surprised at the number of splats I get in the battle! Maybe the other team were being bolder than normal, but the other stats don't suggest so. Maybe I'm getting my Carbon Roller groove back.

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