No yes no yes! Tower Control (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th March 2017 – 7.00 am

I honestly didn't expect to get such an easy splat from going up on the grating at the start of the battle, but it doesn't surprise me that the inkling was looking down. And as I've cleared the way, I should probably hop on the Tower. Why don't I?

Instead, I provide more support, splatting an inkling and inking some turf. That should help, but not as much as actually moving the Tower. A squidmate sees to that, but doesn't get far. Maybe that's why I didn't hop on to start with. And if I could only cling on to the wall a bit better, maybe I would be caught.

I spend perhaps a little too long inking over quite a lot teal turf, but once I'm over that ramp I'm pretty much committed to being there, and I don't want to roll too far in to the open whilst still surrounded by the other team's ink. The Tower will just have to wait.

Of course, once the Tower starts resetting, the teal inklings will be looking more my way. I manage to survive their attention for a bit, and escape thanks to a bit of help from my Seeker Rush. Now we push the Tower forwards, hopefully helped a little by my earlier inking.

We make good progress and take back the lead, but a well-timed Point Locator reveals my position and makes it simple to splat me back to base. We've got a great lead, though. Surely we can defend this. If my Kraken-dodging skills are anything to go by, yes we can.

I don't quite dodge the Inkzooka as well I did the Kraken, but my Seeker seeks on without me, getting inky vengeance from beyond the splat. My Roller flicking lets me down a little afterwards, although I still haven't quite got the hang of the Tower's column getting in the way. And although I redeem myself with a double-splat to clear the Tower, the Carbon Roller behind me keeps the teal team going.

And going. She pops her Inkzooka out and clears the path ahead, and the lead that looked good enough to defend is lost, and by a small margin. This isn't the best time to see the ten-second countdown. But we get the Tower back, giving us the smallest spark of hope. Can we ride from next to our goal, all the way to the other side of the map without pause?

With the teal team obliterated, getting the Tower back to half-way is straightforwards. Some good teamwork gets us back to where we once were, and some focussed ink straight ahead cuts through the teal inklings to finish the task. That wasn't so difficult. Woomy!

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