Brutal splatting for Tower Control (19-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

30th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, a Squiffer, Carbon Roller, and Rapid Blaster on the other team. I'm just happy that they don't also have the E-litre 3K, or I may have just hidden somewhere in Kelp Dome. But off we go!

I spy the Squiffer and wonder if I can do anything about her. A few Seekers ink some turf, and allow me to hide in one trail, and, yes! I can splat the Squiffer. Thank you very much! I don't quite aim well enough for the Roller, and our E-litre bags the super-jumper, so it's onwards for me.

Going around the side to cover some green ink, I try to get more ink flowing. The Tower returns and I go up to investigate, my timing accidentally impeccable for missing a Seeker, its Roller owner, and to get a splat on the Rapid Blaster for my troubles. Nice!

I'm still unsure about Killer Wails, it seems. I'll get the hang of them. At least we are controlling enough turf as a team to allow me quite free movement around the control areas, and that lets me support the team with surprise splats, as I feel comfortable moving around and otherwise keeping concealed.

I think it's a good idea to cover more green ink, and create a new path, but although it may be a good idea my timing is off. As I come to the centre, we lose the lead, even if I get the Roller off my squidmates' backs. A lucky splat follows, and a panicky Squiffer after that. A squidmate has the fourth splat, so although it's only a triple for me, we have control back.

Specials clear the way forwards, and then a bit of circumspect Tower riding from all of us, trying to stay unsplatted, clearing the path, and pushing the Tower. A bit of a climb lets me take some pressure off from above, and get a second splat for no effort, and drop back down to help push the Tower further past the re-taken lead. Also nice!

There is a flurry of action! I squid under a Splash Wall with more accidentally good timing, and wreak some small havoc whilst close to the goal, heading back to the Tower when it's just me left. Not for long, though. But we have a great lead! Hopefully we've got this battle in the bag,

I work out not to walk in to a Killer Wail this time, and splat the Squiffer who set it. That'll teach them. I'm in a good position to approach the other green inklings from behind too, splatting the Rapid Blaster, Berry Splattershot, and the lurking Carbon Roller. I think that was a quad!

One last ride of the Tower, a bit of a play with the Squiffer, and holy cow I got a lot of splats. That was quite the battle!

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