Desperately holding off the knockout victory in Rainmaker (8-7, Splatterscope)

30th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Dropping out of S Rank to A+, and a losing streak pushing me to the lower ranks, at least gives me the opportunity to pick up the Splatterscope again without thinking I'll be a bit useless. I'm okay with a charger, but not great. Kinda A+ Rank in quality. Let's see what I can do.

This isn't a bad battle for me to gauge how rusty I've got. Another Splatterscope on our team, and one on the other. We're standing across from one another too. Okay, I shoot the partition, but it's an addition to Rainmaker and I didn't fully realise it was there. Still, the patch of ink I release lets me hide in comfort from the Killer Wail.

I try not to be concerned with the other charger to the point of forgetting the objective, and as the Rainmaker comes my way I have a Splat Bomb Rush charged. I probably shouldn't have dropped off that ledge, though. Still, I help to burst the Rainmaker shield, splatting one inkling in the process, and catch the Splatterscope as a Rainmaker blast partially obscures us for a moment.

I push forwards, with a new Splat Bomb Rush, to create some inked turf to support our own Rainmaker carrier, and get another decent splat on the Splatterscope. He's probably at about my level of skill, given his lack of movement or hiding of his laser. I suspect I will get splatted back at some point.

A decent bit of defence at the far ledge works well for me, until a Carbon Roller does what it's good at, and the blue team push forwards effectively, almost covering our base in blue ink. I don't complete my Splat Bomb Rush, but maybe it does just enough to save us from a knockout victory. At least, for now. We are still in trouble.

Some more furious defence follows, and another Splat Bomb Rush saves me a couple of times and the team from the knockout defeat. Only the splatting of all four blue inklings helps us gain some ground. We move forwards as a team, and I help clear the Splatterscope out of the way and ink a path, but the Rainmaker isn't as close to me as I hope.

The next blue push isn't quite as strong, but neither is our return. We grab the Rainmaker with a few seconds left, and I ink a hopeful forwards path, but the blue team have this battle wrapped up.

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