Fighting back in Rainmaker (12-10, Tri-slosher)

31st March 2017 – 7.00 am

I swap back to the Tri-slosher in an active move to win some battles. I make it to the centre without problem, get a decent sloshing splat, and accidentally avoid a Tri-slosher's attention. The Rainmaker is lost by the teal team, so I think I can afford to continue forwards and sneak around the back.

There's no one in the usual elevated positions, which is somewhat unusual, so I look for inklings below me to slosh ink down on as my team takes the lead. But now an inkling is up here, the Tri-slosher looking for vengeance. She kinda gets it too.

Going up the middle puts in the way of an Inkstrike I can't quite get out of, and the middle route soon becomes the wrong colour ink. A path to the podium is pretty much made for the Rainmaker, and we feel the pressure to stop it being carried there. A Disruptor finds an inkling, and my ink finds the same inkling, but misses the Rainmaker.

Thankfully, my squidmates prevent the knockout defeat, but the team team have presented us with a real challenge to take the victory. Get back to the middle looks simple at first, but gets progressively more difficult, and although I sensibly avoid the Bubblered Tri-slosher, I don't do well at keeping out of another Inkstrike.

Trying to squid ahead, I go down the side route, a little cautious in case of hiding inklings, and get to the centre in time to slosh ink over the ledge and clear a path ahead. The Bubbler is a bit of an overreaction, but it lets me feel safe as I jump in to teal ink. I help keep one inkling from getting too far ahead, but one sneaks past, and we lose the Rainmaker. At least we are in teal territory again.

Now it's time for continued super-jumping in to the action, hoping that at least one of us can stay unsplatted for long enough to keep the Rainmaker close to the podium. Of course, being that close to the podium lets the other team apply near-constant pressure, so this isn't going to be easy.

It isn't easy, and it all gets a bit frantic, but continued pressure and some great tenacity lets us sneak the lead by a point! Nice! The battle's not over, though, and this isn't the time to get silly. Instead of facing the teal team alone, I back off slightly to provide a better spot for squidmates to super-jump to me before heading back in.

With only seconds to go, we stop the Rainmaker from going too far and recover it for ourselves. It looks like the knockout victory could be ours! A squidmate decides that discretion is the better part of valour, however, and sensible retreats a little as the final seconds tick down, keeping hold of the Rainmaker until the end. Woomy!

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