Splatting around the resort in Rainmaker (15-9, Tri-slosher)

31st March 2017 – 7.00 pm

That E-litre 3K on the yellow poses a credible threat across most of Mahi-Mahi Resort. I head around the watery side route to see if I can sneak behind him. Not playing Turf War, I don't come this way often when the water level is high, so it's a bit more hazardous, and I am aware that some players are good at noting ink on their map, and I could be picked off before getting close. Not this time.

I pause briefly to splat an inkling unaware of me, and turn to aim for the E-litre 3K now directly above me. Surely he's seen what I've done just under his feet, and I'll feel a Burst Bomb soon enough. But, no, he's focussed forwards, and I splat him too.

Now for the Rainmaker, whose shield is burst by the third of my triple-splat yellow inklings. And after a triple splat it seems like a good time to grab the Rainmaker and get an early lead. All looks good, but there was a fourth inkling I wasn't aware of.

The yellow team recover the Rainmaker and my sloshing can't quite stop the carrier. They choose a really good route too, stealing the lead and opening a significant gap within seconds. That's pretty good! Not for us, though. I want to cause a bit more mayhem, so go back for the E-litre 3K. It's something, but I'm not around long enough to feel good about the splat.

I wonder what I could have done had the Rainmaker not pushed off a ledge. It doesn't matter, particularly as my squid-sense tingles and I get an early threat out of the way. The E-litre 3K enacts some vengeance before I get much further, though.

Rather than focus on the Rainmaker, I forge ahead to distract or splat the inklings who are focussing on the Rainmaker. I get a couple to look at me, which hopefully helps as my squidmates retake the lead, even if I am sent back to the base without a splat. We're back in the lead!

The battle's not over, and we have some defending to do. I drop behind the Rainmaker nicely, and stay on the high turf for the sloshing advantage, but soon remember why I shouldn't try to jump across the water. That's okay, because we're keeping the Rainmaker at bay.

I get another go with the Rainmaker, and biddle around a bit. Maybe I don't get far, but I run down the clock a bit. It gives the yellow team one last chance, but our defence is up to the task, and we finish the game victorious.

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