Finally taking control in Tower Control (9-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not sure I approve of the trade at the start of this battle. I am trying to be cautious, inking some turf, and not getting in to trouble. But the number of times I am splatted by falling ink is getting on my nerves a bit. Still, at least my Seekers splats someone in exchange. That will have to do for now.

It's a bold move to go around and try to go up the side of Flounder Heights with a Carbon Roller, Cotton. Let's see how it pays off. Well, it's not so much the manoeuvre as getting surrounded by a Suction Bomb Rush that's the problem. It's still a problem, though.

I wait for the Tower to come to surprise-splat the rider, but a squidmate does it sooner. Cool, let's move on. Nope, a green inkling gets back on, so let's wait for the Tower. I jump and try to surprise-splat, but the column on the Tower still confuses my Roller instincts, and a Suction Bomb is not a welcoming sight. I clear the Tower, though, and, well, not quite jump on.

Fourth time lucky getting up the wall, and that's thanks to a squidmate, but it lets me use my Seeker Rush, and that lets me close with an inkling. Okay, that's better. I get the Tower back by avoiding another Suction Bomb Rush, but don't stick on it. I'm probably not the best inkling to do that for our team.

I wait for a good moment to jump the Tower. This isn't it, but seeing the Killer Wail being adjusted below me is a good enough target. Now I can move on to the Tower. Maybe I am the best inkling to ride the Tower. I don't think the Carbon Roller is best suited for the task, but a well-timed Seeker Rush comes in handy.

I ride the Tower quite a distance, obviously thanks to some good support from my squidmates. I am splatted off a short distance from the goal, but my squidmates are there to keep the Tower moving. Woomy!

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