Inky support in Tower Control (9-1, Tri-slosher)

5th April 2017 – 7.00 am

The purple team are off to a flying start! Or one inkling is, which isn't quite enough to do much with the Tower, and we chase her off pretty quickly. I wonder where the other purple inklings are. Just slightly behind their first, it seems.

I climb up the Heights again to slosh ink from above, probably the best position for me to be, and try to relieve the pressure up here, and on to the Tower when my little bucket can reach.

Not many splats for me for a while, but I'm sure my ink from above is helping my squidmates. Both with stopping the Tower, and with moving it in the right direction too, which simply means swapping sides.

A bit further and I need to be more direct. The Disruptor discourages inklings from engaging the Tower, and to push even further I have my Bubbler ready. Sadly, we don't keep the Tower just as I jump down to strike.

My optimism for us keeping the Tower, and defending it when we don't, is just a little misplaced. I should perhaps be retreating to cover the Tower, but there seems to be enough turf to cover and inklings to splat up here. Never the less, we lose the lead.

But when we retake control of the Tower, there is enough turf turned yellow to make progress quick and easy. It even looks like we'll go back in to the lead, particularly as I am pushed off the Heights with Bubbler active, but at the crucial moment two of us squid off the Tower to push ahead. One of us should have stayed behind.

Jonny seems pretty happy with splatting me. That same celebration comes back to splat him in the arse a little later. Still, it doesn't stop him from being on the winning team, so celebrate away, Jonny.

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