Always have a bubbler ready in Rainmaker (9-6, Tri-slosher)

9th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I feel I've neglected the Tri-slosher a bit with my new-found like of the Carbon Roller Deco, so I am trying to split my time between the two weapons more. I can feel a bit more aggressive with the Tri-slosher, not being quite so reliant on turf control, but holy crap those first two splats are a little brutal.

The first is just bad timing. The second is bad timing and bad placement. The Rainmaker had no idea I was there, and was just aiming to come along the route I was on. So it goes. We also have an early deficit to overcome. Getting hit by a Seeker Rush does nothing for my confidence, though, as well as making me miss the Carbon Roller.

I decide to go skirmishing, to see what disruption I can cause. Hopefully it helps the team too. I squid around the side and up around to the back, where the Splatterscope retreats and almost certainly thinks she has an easy splat as I run straight towards her. But I have a Bubbler ready.

I doubt inking the podium helps right now, but some pressure is taken off our team. I go back to be more active in my support, and get blasted by a Luna Blaster who seems to have ESP. Probably just good awareness. I hope to keep improving that.

Going around the other side sneaks me behind the other team, if only by virtue of them being so far up the map with excellent turf control. This is a tough battle. But I get a good splat from behind and, when spying the charger's ink trail, am happy to see my Bubbler is charged again.

I slosh ink down to splat the Rainmaker too, but run out of ink to get the super-jumper who lands a second later. I think I've lost him, but a handy Echolocator finds him again, and my Tri-slosher lands the ink to splat him too. I think the Roller is going to jump in to my bucket, but he goes around. No problem, as I have the high ground. Okay, this is better.

Better for me, not for us and the Rainmaker. But there's still time. I spy the charger, but her Killer Wail denies me access. I wander around, help stop the Rainmaker, and turn back, where a wall lets me sneak up on the Splatterscope, once more with a Bubbler ready. I doubt she likes seeing me at this point.

Holy ambush! I should stick to skirmishing in this battle. I use my Bubbler on the Luna Blaster I happen across, which must make the Splatterscope happy as I approach her the next time. Well, happier, but maybe not happy, as I still splat her.

I stumble up a wall to confront some inklings as the timer runs down, and I think we're a little hard done by. Only a few steps needed to take, the Rainmaker available, and a squidmate picks it up just as the clock hits zero. No extra time, no final chance. Ah well, it turned out to be a fun battle!

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