Being A-class in A Rank Rainmaker (9-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

This has been another big losing streak. From the middle of S Rank, a brief will-I/won't-I in A+, and down to A Rank. It's just been one of those weeks. Well, let's see if I can have some fun with my new almost-favourite weapon, the Carbon Roller Deco.

I don't launch a Seeker at the start of this battle, as getting to the middle hasn't worked so well so far, even if I still think loosing a Seeker isn't such a bad thing to do. Instead, I opt for my Tri-slosher route, around the side to try to get behind the other team. It's effective, if only because my squidmates have secured the area already.

The early lead goes to us, even if I am not being effective yet. At least I spot and stop the Rainmaker trying to make an inkless break for it around the side. I don't go on to greater things, though, unlike my opposite number. Ah, Marie, I thought you preferred a charger.

A hilarious failure in jumping gets me in the sights of a Squiffer, no doubt jumped to the Beakon I was trying to find. My Ninja Squid gets me out of trouble and in to good position, but I fumble with my Roller and let her super-jump clear. Maybe this is why I am back in A Rank.

I make the jump next time, and although I don't get an elevated splat, a bit of perseverance bags me one near the Rainmaker, to the happiness of a squidmate. My Seeker Rush makes short work of the Rainmaker's shield, but if only it would do the same of a Kraken. I was played for a sucker!

I dunno what the Squiffer's aiming at, the Rainmaker is heading in the other direction. So I should be going that way too, really, but the Squiffer's right there! Thankfully, maybe, a Roller sends me back to base so I can focus in the right place.

Or maybe I'll head off to flank again. Three attempts to splat the Carbon Roller. I would say I need more practice, but I also think I should be playing less. Which is it? Whichever it is, I still can get some sweet splats, as shown by going around side again, and catching two inklings a bit too close to each other. Nice!

I roll towards the podium, ink one side, and splat a third inkling a moment before being splatted myself. But my squidmates are right behind me, to provide splatting support and carrying the Rainmaker. The inked podium is there and waiting, and we get the dunk! Woomy!

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