Bucketing splats in Squad Splat Zones (11-2, Tri-slosher)

11th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm a duo squad for a bit, having been invited by AceThunder. I started with the Carbon Roller Deco, but seeing my squadmate opt for the Tri-slosher encourages me to swap over too. I show some good sense to start with, chucking a Disruptor ahead of me to slow a purple inkling and not immediately charging in for the splat. They will still be shooting ink for a bit.

Instead, I back off and gain some height, always good for the Tri-slosher, and get a couple of splats raining ink from above. I'm also caught from below, through the grate, but such is the battle over and around the Splat Zones. And beyond the Splat Zones, apparently.

Naturally, holding the turf past the Splat Zones often means the Splat Zones themselves will remain secure, and having to battle through a spearhead can be tricky. I bide my time, squidding on a wall for a bit, before pressing forwards, Bubbler ready. The purple inklings are prepared, though, and fall back, Inkzooka ready.

I know when I'm beaten, and squid through the grate to try a different approach. The Inkzooka is looking elsewhere, and gets splatted by that elsewhere, and his buddy is splatted by my reappearance from below. A pause to refill my ink, and I'm sloshing over the Splat Zones, which we capture. Nice!

Now to press forwards ourselves. I spy an inkling coming my way, and am ready for the splat. I have to divert, as a lack of inkable blocks stops me going forwards, and I join a squidmate in the middle of the bridge. He pushed further ahead, relying on a Splash Wall, whereas I just lob a Disruptor forwards.

I survive long enough to throw a second Disruptor, and seeing that hits lets me drop down to the side to ink some turf. I return to the centre of the bridge in time to see the Disrupted inkling back to full speed, but now I have a Bubbler ready. That worked out pretty well!

Back to the side, as a new purple path has been made, and I drop down on an inkling trying to cover my tracks. I think we surprise each other, and only my Tri-slosher's side-spray lets me hold the advantage. The Splat Zones are purple again, though, and I take a rather indirect route back to help recover them.

It's difficult to focus on the Splat Zones and inkling threats at the same time, but I suppose that's the challenge. I choose to focus on splats again for a bit, which seems to pay off quite well for me and the team, as we control the Splat Zones again, and I surprise an Inkzooka from behind. In the end, it's a comfortable victory for us.

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