Sidestepping in Tower Control (6-3, Splatterscope)

12th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not too impressed with being back down in A Rank, but I can make the best of my situation and pull out the Splatterscope for a bit. I'm fairly average with it at the best of times, and out of practice at the moment. But hopefully I can do something with it when I'm not constantly under pressure.

It's good to see my aim with Splat Bombs hasn't changed. I'm trying to push back an inkling come around the side, otherwise he'll just ambush us all. My Splat Bombs won't do it from down here, so I'd best go up and tackle it more directly. I think the problems sorted itself though. But I'm in a good position to defend, more so when a Killer Wail forces me to the side. If only I squidded away from the Splat Bomb a bit quicker.

My squidmates take control of the Tower and immediately take a better lead. I try to cover over the blue ink that will no doubt let the other team sneak behind us quickly and easily. I mostly manage that, and stop the Tower coming our way, but fail to do anything about a Roller covering over my work immediately.

My next attempt to clear the side is completed with a clear shot, and I splat an inkling on the Tower two. But he's not the only one on there, and we lose our lead as quickly as we gained it. But we regain control, and to do my bit to help out I once again try to keep the side route green and not blue.

The blue inklings are determined to keep using this route. I am just as determined to stop them, and I can do so from two angles. Moving around the side to catch an inkling on the block, I instead see a sitting duck. That'll do nicely, thank you.

My Splat Bomb Rush doesn't do too much beyond discouraging an inkling from approaching, which I suppose is what I want anyway, neither does one extra Splat Bomb for luck. I have better luck when the Tower is engulfed by an Inkstrike, but it's sort of over there and has a blue inkling on it, and you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so I take the shot. Yeah, not bad.

I go back to keeping the corridor green, but am caught out by a well-aimed Killer Wail. I go back, if only because a blue inkling is back down the same corridor. The problem is that I can't tell when he's there and when he goes, time is running out, and we are losing. So when the Tower moves in the last twenty seconds of the battle, I move with it.

Specials pile on Specials, as green inklings stick to the Tower. With impeccable timing, we take the lead seconds before the battle ends, giving me a chance to give everyone a well-deserved woomy!

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