Carried away with splatting in Tower Control (10-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

Some more Tower Control, and after a few fun but rusty Splatterscope battles in Kelp Dome I swap to the Carbon Roller Deco. So of course the next battle will be on the angles of Hammerhead Bridge. I can make it work, particularly with one battle for orientation.

I start this second battle with the Carbon Roller playing more from behind. I keep saying the Carbon Roller needs turf to be effective, and staying back to launch Seekers helps with that. They help with getting splats sometimes too, which is nice.

I have to admit that I was trying to jump on the Tower once I cleared it, but I mistimed the squidding part. I make the best of the situation and carry on like it was intentional. Much like that poorly timed Seeker in to the Inkstrike. Silly me.

I try to be a good squidmate and protect the inkling about to super-jump in, but he's got it covered, so I go back to patrolling. I hit something in the ink, and I am a bit too keen to go for the squish. Then again, if I don't know where the inkling is, I can't flick in their way either. In the end, we both have to ignore the other, which I think suits the Splatterscope more than me.

I meet the Splatterscope sooner rather than later, mid-Splat Bomb Rush, and get the splat in the end. Again, I am thwarted in trying to get on to the Tower, this time by a wall, so it's back to ground level for more rolling. There are purple inklings everywhere! Rather than getting covered in ink and splatted, I splat two of them and one runs away. Or doesn't know I'm there. But I reckon they ran.

I patrol again, and retreat when approached from two directions by purple inklings, launching a Seeker when safely back in my own ink. A double Seeker splat! That's pretty damned cool. What would be cooler would knowing where the Tower is and who is in control. I clearly don't, and we lose the lead as I head in the wrong direction.

Pausing the Tower for a second isn't going to do much. Thankfully, my next approach bags me a quad-splat. Almost worth a 'Nice!', but the Tower shouldn't have got that far. But we still have time, and now the Tower is my main focus. Better late than never? Not really.

We push the Tower but there really isn't much time left, and the purple team really only need to defend a pretty big lead. It's unfortunate, but sometimes battles go this way, and it's a good reminder to keep a regular eye on the Tower.

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