Splats everywhere in Tower Control (13-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Right, time for some more concentrated splatting than with the Splatterscope. I pull out the Carbon Roller Deco to see if I can gain some Rank back. That early Seeker splat is nice, squidding in to a Splat Bomb less so. At least I get just about out of the way of the Killer Wail, and just about out of the way of the Kraken.

I try to splat the inkling once he's no longer a Kraken, and somehow also survive a blaster coming from behind, and being crushed by the Tower. My Seeker Rush charges too, and this seems like a good time to use it. One splat from that, and although there are no more there are nice paths of ink in the turf now.

I follow one path, Ninja Squid hiding me, and see a non-Ninja. I probably surprised her, and the other inkling jumping my way probably only sees me too late. I choose to make my excuses and turn away to ink some turf, preferring to make it overall easier for us than jump on the Tower willy-nilly. It pays off when I get the jump on the blaster, but the crate provides enough cover to let him get another shot, and it seems the blaster wasn't the only threat to the Tower.

What's that on the block? Is it a squid? Why, yes it is. The Grim Range Blaster returning along a mutual path to me. He can try it again in a few moments too. Me too, when I ashamedly am out-flicked by a Dynamo Roller. But I try the direct approach, and although I have targets in front of me, they are all pretty much looking my way. And shooting ink.

Back to the side route, and how bold do I want to be? Fairly bold, but no one's around. I try to jump on to the crate, but get a little mired in ink. Still, the ground's good too. I support the Tower, but still refrain from getting on when there is turf to be inked. I realise, a bit late, that I have an Echolocator on me, but I also have a Seeker Rush ready. I don't mind being seen for that.

We take the lead! My squidmates are doing a good job of pushing the Tower. I follow-up and try to help push it a bit more, but face the wrong way at the wrong time. Never mind, it was the thought that counts. I choose not to super-jump to my doom, and provide support from the side, splatting the blaster again. He must be fed up of me. I go back to see if I can be helpful on the Tower for a change, but the Tower doesn't want me on it. Fine, be like that.

The blaster and I meet again, and thankfully he's a Range Blaster, so I fluke surviving and squid away, where opportunity awaits elsewhere, as does the Dynamo Roller. There's only a little time left in the battle, but apparently enough to just about dodge a Killer Wail, splat the blaster again, and lose track of the Tower.

My squidmates have the Tower under control, though, which is good. Hopefully all my splatting helped them out too.

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