Not really surviving the Splat Zones (12-4, Tri-slosher)

14th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I do enjoy skirmishing around Walleye Warehouse with a Tri-slosher. I like it perhaps more when there's a charger to harass, all friendly like. And, sure, we lose the Splat Zones initially, but it's not the end of the battle, and I somehow survive loads of ink being tossed around.

My Bubbler charges, and for some reason I think it's a good time to sneak around the back. What about the Splat Zones? Hopefully someone else has noticed they're not purple. Besides, one of us should get that charger out of the way.

I pop my Bubbler a little early when I encounter a returning Dual Squelcher, but I wouldn't have survived that. But where's the charger? I'm inking some turf when I hear the shots, so circle back to find the pesky splatterscope. Ah, he's below me. I drop down and, well, nearly miss the splat, but my sloshes mean he can't get away.

From that splat to another, and a bit of conscientious inking of the Splat Zones, before going around the back again. An Echolocator should be an impediment, but no one's around to see me, so I squid here and there, before pushing forward a bit aggressively. I somehow survive that, get a splat, and turn back to pay more attention to the Splat Zones.

Some coincidental manoeuvring gets me out of the way of the Dual Squelcher, who only notices when I pop up again, and purple ink covers the Splat Zones once more. I sit and wait, not seeing much to do at the moment, but it's not really my style with the bucket. I take another trip around the back, happy that the Dual Squelcher's aim lets him down, and that the charger is in Tri-sloshing range.

Our counter keeps ticking down, below thirty, below twenty, and it looks not only like the knockout victory is inevitable, but that I will remain unsplatted throughout. I am already thinking of naming this battle 'Surviving the Splat Zones', thanks to my clean sheet, but perhaps that distracts me a little.

I get a bit cocky and rush headlong in to the yellow team, knowing my Bubbler will help me. But a Killer wail hits me in the face, and I am lucky to be able to retreat under the pressure. Our counter is stopped too, and as the yellow team capture the Splat Zones we have a hefty addition to count-down. Can I last that long? Not a chance.

I take another trip around the back to see our Hydra Splatling in double-trouble. I don't reach her in time to help, but I splat the terrible twosome, and turn around to approach from a different direction. The splats help take the pressure of the Splat Zones, and they are purple again.

I squid here, I squid there, I just about get my Bubbler active quicker than I can squid out of the way of a Killer Wail, but the yellow pressure is coming back again, and we lose the Splat Zones to them. Going around the back has worked so far, and it works this time too, but not quite so effectively. I'm impressed I get one splat before being splatted.

And whatever mojo I had earlier, it's pretty much gone now. No longer am I surviving encounters and inking turf, but I'm trading splats. The last one feels the worst, as I return to base watching the yellow counter tick down, unable to help with the Splat Zones, and can do nothing but accept that the battle has slipped through our fingers. So it goes.

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