Turning the battle around in Splat Zones (11-3, Tri-slosher)

14th April 2017 – 7.00 am

The Tri-slosher and Flounder Heights go together well for me. Splat Zones is more hit-and-miss, though. It's a good start to this battle, with a conventional move to the top of the Heights, capture our Splat Zone, and I chuck a Disruptor over the top to hopefully frustrate a green inkling.

I check the sides once our Zone is capture, but no one seems to be coming this way. That's good. Ah, they're all coming over the centre, apparently at the same time. I manoeuvre out of the way quickly enough, and help push them back and keep our Zone the right shade.

My Bubbler is ready when the inklings are out of the way of their Splat Zone, so I move across and need to activate my Special immediately. I also have the presence of mind to back out of an encounter I won't win before my Bubbler disappears. But as we capture their Splat Zone, they capture ours, and the return of the green inklings puts me out of action.

I patrol our Splat Zone, so that we at least don't fall behind in the score, and fall off the roof. That wasn't intentional, and maybe I need to ease off on the follow-through with the Disruptor throws. I hit my target, though, and end up inking a a new route up the Heights. But green ink goes everywhere, and the green team has control of the Splat Zones.

A bit of mayhem breaks loose as we try to regain control, with inklings popping up everywhere, and Specials being used. Thankfully, one of the Specials is a squidmate's Bubbler, which keeps us a safe. But in the end the green team have control of the Splat Zones again. It looks like we're being out-inked.

I try the side route now, which a squidmate has helpfully inked, to come up on the green side of the Heights. It gets me in to a good position, but one that comes under pressure from the green inklings. I manage to back out of trouble, and try to be sneaky in my return. It goes okay, and as I'm fumbling on the ground, having been knocked off the Heights, my squidmates capture the Splat Zones. Nice!

Back up to the top, and an Echolocator lands at just the right time to prevent being flanked. A bit of upwards thinking gets me out of the way of another inkling, and a squidmate's Bubbler protects us both to ensure we get the splat. That's definitely worthy of more than a 'Nice!', which I throw out anyway, but a reciprocal Bubbler moments later. That lets me survive an onslaught of green ink and get some splats instead.

Super-jumping back works well for once. It helps that my squidmate is squidding up a wall, so I land on the grate and not in the Splat Zones, and that I appear above the Heights, and can slosh ink down on a couple of green inklings. A third is launching an Inkstrike, and I catch up with her just afterwards, and the fourth is one of the first two super-jumping back in again.

I find the actual fourth inkling once I've refilled my tank a bit, and with most of the inklings out of the way we manage to recapture the Splat Zones, and come close to taking the lead. And we take the lead! It's so close to the end of the battle that we just need to not be stupid for a bit, and I can definitely do that for just a bit. I even have time for a splat or two more. Woomy!

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