Splats away in Rainmaker (16-8, Tri-slosher)

16th April 2017 – 7.00 am

A different route in Hammerhead Bridge Rainmaker this battle. Down the corridor to the right, aiming for the inkable block to come up and flank the purple team. It's hard not to be spotted, though, and I am spotted. But I think the Splatterscope forgets about the inkable block, and assumes I'm stuck on the ground. Nope, I'm up here with you.

Now I can approach the other inklings from behind. A well-thrown Disruptor stops the new Rainmaker carrier from going too far, and a nicely timed Bubbler prevents my being splatted. I don't stick around the purple Rainmaker Shield, though, just in case, and a quick down-and-up finds the inkling that eluded me, a Splatterscope that misses and gets naturally flustered, and a third inkling that pushes me backwards until I accidentally pick up the Rainmaker. I don't go much further.

I avoid a Splat Bomb Rush by hiding on a wall, and try to avoid the Splatterscope by, well, charging straight towards her with an Echolocator on me. It's still a good shot to splat me mid-air. I head around to flank the Rainmaker on my return, seemingly going unnoticed until I am underneath the inklings. That works for me, but I am a bit lucky in stopping the Rainmaker before they take the lead, as they were pushing forwards quickly.

Pushing forwards again, I ink the turf and catch the Splatterscope unawares, but don't quite use my Bubbler to the best of its abilities. I could have wandered in to the Suction Bomb to vaporise it, rather than absorb the explosion and be knocked down, where some poor squidding gets me caught.

Splatting the Inkzooka from behind would have been more impressive if I hadn't done it in the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush. My decision-making on my next forward push is a bit off too, procrastinating between getting directly behind or sloshing from above is enough pause to cause me to be noticed, and the best I get is a mutual splat.

I get a couple of splats over the next tussle for the Rainmaker, but am vulnerable to the Splatterscope through the grate as I slosh indiscriminately. I imagine he enjoyed that splat! More than I enjoy my next, which although from below and up through a grate too, it is the inkling next to the Rainmaker, and not the Rainmaker, mere steps before she takes the lead from us. Aww.

This is a bit awkward. Seconds to go and we've lost the lead, the Rainmaker is deep in our side of the map, and we have a long way to go in a single, flawless push. At least it focusses our minds, and we push forwards with intent. Three of us spearhead an attack and press high, clearing the way of inklings, but when I look at the Rainmaker it is quite far behind. Is there an inkling we missed? Is there too much purple ink in the way?

I don't think so. The Rainmaker is being suitably cautious, and watching from the back. Within a few seconds, the Rainmaker has made up half the distance, and as a Killer Wail all but guarantees a safe path, the Rainmaker keeps on going and gives us back the lead in extra time! Woomy!

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