Splatting support in Rainmaker (14-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

16th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's really only one way to go at the start of a battle on Mahi-Mahi Resort with a Carbon Roller Deco, and that's behind a launched Seeker, straight ahead. It works better when it goes straight too, but never mind that. And never mind about the Killer Wail splatting the Rainmaker when I fail to do it. Everything's under control. Ninja Squidding around to get a double splat should be enough proof of that.

I get a bit lucky when an inkling flanks as I am in the middle of a Seeker Rush, but he foolishly steps in front of one of them. Another inkling super-jumps in a bit too late to be splatted by the Rainmaker's Shield bursting, but my Carbon Roller is there to do the job. And as I push ahead, I get another splat just as another inkling prepares to super-jump in. The purple team are just throwing inklings at me.

Being Disrupted isn't much fun. Being Disrupted twice is less fun. But even being highlighted and slowed, with the occasional Suction Bomb headed my way, I manage to survive, and make my excuses as everything gets a bit purple. I take a quick look around the back, and see that I'm more needed in the middle. One target eludes me as I wait for another super-jumper, thank you, before I run away from a blaster.

A Seeker Rush from on high seems like a good idea, and inks turf and gets a splat, and I drop down to relieve the pressure from a squidmate. On top of all this, it looks like we're making a break with the Rainmaker! I follow a squidmate in support, but a bit of purple ink slows his jump down a bit. At least he has a good sense of humour about dropping in the drink!

We get a healthy lead before the purple team grab the Rainmaker back, and once I work out where it is I go back to stop them from getting too far, squidding a bit too close underneath a Killer Wail as I do. Unfortunately, I squid past the Rainmaker, and when trying to recover get caught up in a Suction Bomb Rush that I can't stop or avoid.

Another push by us gets the Rainmaker away from our side of the map, but I get a bit lost as to where everyone is for a bit. I get caught up after a while, and help support another great push from my squidmates, using my Seekers to good effect. In fact, I get three splats with Seekers, and I think I'm going to splat the Rainmaker, but it seems that the purple inklings are using themselves as meatshields.

We're in to extra time and the purple team have the Rainmaker for one last push. I give chase, making a jump I really wasn't sure was possible once I was in the air, but manage to land safely. Just in time for a blaster to the back. But that's just fine, because my squidmates splat the Rainmaker to give us the victory. Woomy!

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