Splats for everyone in Rainmaker (14-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

17th April 2017 – 7.00 pm

There doesn't look to be a good Seeker path from the base on Hammerhead Bridge Rainmaker. But the Seeker glides over the podium nicely, and continues over the grating, even if it doesn't ink anything. It works a lot better than my second, rather lacklustre Seeker. But let's move on to the battle itself.

It takes me a few attempts to get a Seeker actually seeking from the centre, but at least the misses hit the Rainmaker Shield and prevent the blue team from inflating it too far. When I get it right, I am a bit too far forwards and drop down in to what could be trouble. I do pretty well, considering two Killer Wails almost overlap me.

My fate is decided by a Suction Bomb, as it often is. An early lead by the blue team is stopped and immediately surpassed by a half-decent run, stopped mostly by my inadequacy in inking tall walls. I bet the Burst Bombs of the plain Carbon Roller would have helped.

It's a good time to ink some turf on my return. I don't want to pick up the Rainmaker where it is, as despite the blue team bursting the shield there are apparently no blue inklings around. The Rainmaker is safer where it is for now. I scout around a bit more and bump in to an inkling, which is a nice squish for me, and have another super-jump in afterwards. Leaving the Rainmaker there worked out quite well.

It's not often an Inkzooka misses me by inches, and less often that I can circle around and splat the Inkzooka from behind. I wouldn't want C-3PO to tell me the odds of them squidding under a Splash Wall for a third splash either. I'm feeling lucky, so go to grab the Rainmaker and see what I can do with it. But my luck's run out. Never mind.

I hear another Inkzooka, but can't get to them quickly enough to stop the carnage, although I'm not sure if the splat I get instead is the depleted Inkzooka or another inkling. It doesn't matter. Another is splatted by friendly ink, and a third disappears after a glancing hit. Did she squid forwards to launch the Inkstrike, and avoid me again? Things move too fast for met to recognise inklings sometimes.

The Rainmaker looks hot again, so I try to cool things down, but this time I don't quite get on the right side of the Splash Wall. I return to bide my time a little, getting my bearings, and when I pounce I get a lucky triple-splat. One surprise splat for a blue inkling, one surprise double-splat for me when a Seeker bumps in to the Rainmaker and friend. Nice!

The Rainmaker's here, squidmates are around, it's a good time for a Seeker Rush. I dunno if it helps the others, but it gets me quite high up the map. I use my position to circle around the side. My threat doesn't quite appear where I expect it too, but I manage to get behind the blue inklings for some surprise splats anyway.

One last splat ends the battle for me, and it's a shame that it's me that gets splatted, particularly as I was in a decent position. But the Rainmaker's Shield is burst and we take control, preventing the game from going in to extra time and giving us the victory. Woomy!

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