Tough lead to overcome in Rainmaker (11-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th April 2017 – 7.00 am

Not a great start to this battle. My first Seeker is okay, the second detonates too soon, and the lack of ink in my tank because of this restricts my options. I have to sit back and watch what occurs. I think I have a good opportunity with a Roller coming my way, but he clearly doesn't want to roll over our teal ink, and has a squidmate shooting from behind to double-team me by accident anyway.

The persistence of the purple inkling against my Seeker Rush was misplaced, but the flick of the Hero Roller seemed a bit too well-timed. And we still haven't moved the Rainmaker away. Indeed, the purple team push again, increasing their lead, and as more purple ink flows behind my splatting, it doesn't look like we're stopping them any time soon.

I come back thinking of going around the side, but it's clear the Rainmaker could use some support. I do what I can, which isn't much. I then do what I think is sensible and drop down to avoid the Rainmaker Shield's burst, but a squidmate would prefer it to burst from our ink. I dunno, let them burst it and use our ink to splat them back to base. Then again, that assumes they don't have a Bubbler ready.

I get a nice Seeeker splat, which isn't the Rainmaker, and a follow-up flick splat, which isn't the Rainmaker, and don't manage to splat the Rainmaker, who proceeds up to and almost on top of the podium. This looks like a lost battle, but if we can prevent the knockout that would be an achievement at this point.

I grab the Rainmaker at our podium and squid for it. Support be damned, I just want it away from here. A quick twist splats one threat, and I get much further than I would have thought, thanks to patches of teal ink here and there. When I am finally caught, in the middle of purple ink, having made the best push of our team so far, the purple inkling squidbags in celebration, although I can't think why. It was one of the safest, tamest splats they could have made.

I try to clean up some purple ink before pushing too far forwards, and pause as a Killer Wail, well, catches me where I thought I might be safe. So it goes. On my return, we have the Rainmaker. I pause to get my bearings, and push forwards in support. I get a nice surprise splat on an advancing inkling, and another good Seeker splat afterwards, as we push high up the Bridge.

I say 'we' push high up, it might just be me. I see the Rainmaker isn't advancing, and isn't under our control. My Seeker Rush may have been in vain. I turn to make sure that I'm not about to concede to the purple team, and it looks like it's just a glitch for us, with the Rainmaker's Shield burst again and a new carrier in place.

I get my Seeker lined up and launch it, getting a splat as I redirect myself to come from a different direction. The Rainmaker is providing enough ink to keep it safe, but my flanking inks the podium and just beyond, with an inflatable providing cover for me to splat returning inklings.

I can't quite stop the flying Roller in time to prevent my own splatting, but that's just fine, as the path is inked, and the Rainmaker squids up the podium to give us an unexpected knockout victory! Great teamwork, everyone!

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