Distracting the opposition in Tower Control (5-1, Tri-slosher)

22nd April 2017 – 7.00 pm

I really do like Moray Towers, whatever the type of battle. Lots of vertical surfaces, side routes, back routes. I just find it like a little adventure each time I'm allowed room to skirmish around. Much like this battle.

I make a slightly different start, taking the jump to launch the Disruptor further, hoping to hit the opposite ledge, and squidding away when touching the ground. It seems to work this time, but I remember Suction and Splat Bombs causing my demise in previous battles.

Back around and along the sneaky side route, where some vertical thinking avoids a blaster, letting me press higher up the Towers. The higher the better for the Tri-slosher. But I find myself in the middle of a Suction Bomb Rush, aimed squarely at me.

I'm quite impressed with how cool I keep amid the Suction Bombs, moving up safely and getting the splat, but there's the blaster again. A bit of caution keeps me immediately safe, and I spot a path that may get me close enough to do something.

That something is pop my Bubbler under inky pressure. I can move up and through a Suction Bomb, where I get a lucky splat in a big puddle of ink, and a side-step and a bit more luck lets me splat another inkling. Do I go down or up? I'm being watched on Splat-cam, so head up, to drop down, and then sneak back up the ramp.

Naturally, I find myself surrounded by inklings coming back from having been splatted, and this time my luck runs out. But that's okay, because the Tower keeps trundling forwards, and I think I've kept enough purple inklings away from it to have helped it reach the goal. Woomy!

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